About Us

What is Ishood?

Ishood site delivers a simple and unique shopping experience for men and the ladies who love to spoil them. We’ve curated an assortment of bags that are as stylish as they are practical, and well adapted to the many activities in our fast-paced lives.  At Ishood, we’ve also handpicked items that we’ve labeled Bare Essentials-- electronics and gadgets that any movie hero would want to use while evading the next obstacle.  

We value quality, durability, practicality and reasonable prices. If you find a product on our website, it means that we use that product ourselves and feel comfortable recommending it to our best friends. That’s what this company is all about. “Ishood” is your inner voice guiding you – giving you suggestions for the types of high quality products that will improve your day to day experience.


Why Bags?

Ah, we’re so glad you asked! “The bag” is the physical manifestation of a plan of action. Just think about it: Monday thru Friday, it’s your work bag… and then in the evening, your gym bag.  On weekends, it may be a small messenger bag to carry your tablet and a few Bare Essentials…  or possibly a larger shoulder bag that can hold your laptop and a few books. Whether you’re traveling to work, sunbathing at the beach, or taking the bike out for a ride, your bag- quite literally- has your back and helps facilitate your plan.


What’s In Your Bag?  -  Limitless activities

Anything is possible with a little bit of knowledge and the right tools.  Without the right tools, you will find yourself challenged to accomplish anything. 

Your device of creation.  Laptop, Tablet, Beat Machine, Notebook...

What else?

A Frisbee? Parafoil kite?  Documents?  Tool Kit? Baseball Glove?

Anything is possible.  Ishood aspires to be there, with you for all of those possibilities.   Be it a park day with your buddies or kids (nephews & nieces), planning a weekend to the mountain, or meeting with your financial advisor, or doctor.  We are going to give you the bag to take with you and possibly help you with the contents of the Bag as well.